Our Process

Develop the Strategy
Let MarketCall Group work with your team to build a strategy that is in line with your marketing and sales strategies. We want to be sure that all communications within each target market are cohesive and that the criteria for leads are optimal and likely to ensure a successful engagement with your sales team.

Establish Goals
When MarketCall Group becomes an extension to your sales team, we want to work toward measureable goals that support your strategy. We want to be sure that our scope of work is aligned with those goals so everyone is prepared for success.

Perfect the Approach
No two sales teams or  processes are identical so we adjust our approach to meet your unique needs. We will work to become an extension and critical partner to your sales team. Together, as a team, we will create a preliminary outreach approach and the supporting tools required for success. Then we test and adjust the approach with your team to optimize success.

Establish Communications
Regardless of the type of service we provide your company, we will identify the most appropriate media and frequency of communications and follow-up to manage your sales teams’ questions, adjust approach as necessary and measure progress.

Identify Targets
A critical component to any of our services is the identification of the people you seek to qualify or engage.  We can help you narrow down the ideal characteristics of a prospect, acquire lists or mine your lists as necessary.

Implement & Review Progress
We see review as an integral part of the process. With each conversation we have with a prospect or customer we learn and identify opportunities for improvement. Your team’s commitment to progress reviews is critical to the success of the program. The approach, while structured, also requires flexibility to adapt to what’s learned through implementation.