Who We Are

MarketCall Group was created in 2006 out of a need, but not one that business owners recognized right away. The way business was done, how buyers and sellers connected, and the global economy was starting to shift causing sales representatives to work 2-3 times as many leads to maintain the sales volumes they once enjoyed with ease. It was a challenge that savvy business owners whose focus was on both revenues and profits had to overcome.

Jennifer Shields, MarketCall Group’s founder, recognized the needs of businesses seeking aggressive growth:
• More leads were necessary to achieve the sales goals
• More leads meant more time spent on prospect research and qualification
• More time was required to close sales
• Sales teams with extensive relationship building experience would become paralyzed by prospect canvassing
• Providing sufficient customer service and attention becoming more difficult due to time pressures

In the end, employees were spending more time and energy to convert fewer prospects to customers. This was a recipe for frustration, burnout and lost profits.

MarketCall Group was formed and has since helped many companies grow by easing new sales challenges and freeing time for sales representatives to perform their most important function… closing! Our specialty became personal outreach to accelerate growth.
Over time we’ve expanded and refined our offerings to help companies with the following:
• Sales Support : pipeline growth, relationship building, efficiency of the sale
• Prospect Qualification; identify economic decision maker; pre-qualify for sales readiness
• Customer Surveys; customer satisfaction/retention; new market readiness
• Appointment Setting; trade show, referrals, website leads
• Pre-Event Campaigns; event promotion and registration
• Trade show support; onsite staff and management

In almost ten years of business we’re proud to have made a significant impact on our clients’ ability to achieve their revenue goals. When you include MarketCall as part of your sales teams, we can absorb the burden of prospecting, high level research, pre-qualifying leads, nurturing “cool” prospects, maintaining a valuable customer list, all while representing your company, your brand, and your team in the way you expect.

MarketCall Group : Personal Outreach to Accelerate Growth