Heavy Equipment Dealer

  • Scope of Work

    Generate opportunity for equipment sales following a time-sensitive equipment financing offer mail piece launched to a massive customer list including current and past customers.

    The Challenge

    • No internal resources with Outreach Skills to re-engage past customers
    • Much of the list contained inaccurate/invalid data
    • Sales staff only had time to concentrate on active or current customers- limited ability to focus on “secondary” or “tier 2” customers
    • Incomplete data on the economic decision maker for the accounts, making the direct mail piece often times ineffective.

    MarketCall Group Solution

    • Develop, with Sales/Marketing Managers, a message that is cohesive with their existing sales message
    • Develop and execute a call campaign to re-engage past customers, express the dealers appreciation of its business
    • Work within the company’s CRM/Internal database to improve data accuracy
    • Capture critical profile information that provides insight into future needs, buying habits and helps future marketing efforts be more productive
    • Develop a communication process with the internal sales staff to enable a timely response when opportunities are discovered
    • Deliver the promotion details verbally and also send the details electronically through email/fax to strengthen message impact


  • Our Results

    • Upon completion of the project, 20% of past customers reached indicated an immediate or near future equipment need, with a potential sales increase of over $2 million.
    • Critical profile data was complete and the CRM was brought back up to date.
    • Positive response from past customers that had not heard from their local dealer in several months and sometimes years.

    End Customer Quote:  “It was so nice to receive a personal phone call from my local dealer.   Even though I didn’t have a need for a new piece of equipment today, it was nice to know they value my business.  I will for sure stop by when a need comes up.”