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Sales Support

The core of MarketCall Group’s services involves the support of the sales process. It’s our goal to help you achieve your goals. Let MarketCall Group work with your sales team to identify the most significant obstacles to the sales process and create a process to overcome them.

Let's work together.


Because the shortest sales cycle lies with existing or recent customers, sales teams often miss the opportunities that exist in reaching out to past customers and untapped prospects or markets.  However, revenues won’t continuously grow without diversifying the customer base.

MarketCall Group is a partner to your company in helping you identify your next customers. Revisiting opportunities with past customers – those who have slipped further down the call list due to the time since the last sale – can often yield quick results. MarketCall Group can systematically keep in touch with those past customers, further cultivating the relationship and identifying when the next buying cycle will occur. In addition, we can pursue new markets or new prospects in current markets. When you reach out to untapped prospects you not only grow the overall potential revenue of your company, but you also minimize the negative impact of the loss of any significant customer.

MarketCall Group specializes in helping sales teams achieve their goals. We work with you to identify the types of services that will help fill the specific needs of your company and team. Expand the service areas below to learn more:
Prospect Qualification

Qualified new leads and prospects are the lifeblood of growth.  Maintaining a quality customer and prospect database and insuring contact with decision makers and influencers creates a more efficient process and reduces time lost on sales efforts to those without purchasing power.

MarketCall Group understands the difference between a purchased list and a properly qualified list. We qualify lists of targets to weed out those that don’t fit with your business model, nurture those who aren’t ready to entertain a sales visit and forward those in which an opportunity exists to share your business proposition. In addition, as part of the qualification process, we enter critical information into your customer relationship management system to keep your customer and contact database relevant.

Appointment Setting

At times, turning a prospect into a customer can be as simple as a face-to-face meeting set at the opportune time. But with busy staff the simple act of appointment setting can sometimes slip through the cracks and result in missed relationships and lost revenues.

Get the most out of your sales staff’s time by utilizing our appointment setting services. We will work with you to identify which tasks we can perform on your behalf and which are better left with your team including:

  • Identifying the optimal date and time for the customer/prospects’ buyer to meet your sales team
  • Sending calendar invitations through your system, as appropriate
  • Updating your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is updated with current contact and appointment information
  • Sending pre-set agenda or other related documents to prepare for the meeting
  • Placing a reminder call or email to confirm
Customer Surveys

Studies have shown that it can cost up to seven times more to earn a new customer as opposed to keep one.  Companies realize the importance of monitoring customer satisfaction levels in order to improve them as well as continue to grow revenues with the help of loyal customers.

MarketCall Group’s unique approach to customer surveys has resulted in usable, quality information for our customers across many industries.  We are able to collect unbiased survey data to assess clients satisfaction, capture market trends, or gauge interest in new products or services.  We work with your sales staff to build survey objectives based on what you intend to do with the results.

Pre-event Campaigns

Event marketing is an increasingly important part of marketing and sales strategies from informational webinars to hosted training events to trade shows. MarketCall Group can support not only your efforts to increase attendance and boost attendee readiness as necessary, but also ensure timely follow up and assessment of a participant’s “fit” with your company prior to a formal sales call.

Trade Show Support

Trade shows can be an effective  way to build awareness and leads within the industries you serve.  A successful trade show presence requires both a professional and relevant visual display as well as the communication of a consistent message.

MarketCall Group represents its clients  at trade shows as a continuation of its prospect qualification and appointment setting services. As a result, we’re able to leverage the understanding of your customer base and product offerings to create positive relationships, assess potential customer needs, qualify leads and even set follow-up appointments on your behalf.