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Leading Financial Institution

Scope of Project

Along with aggressive sales growth goals, a leading financial institution was involved with a time-sensitive Small Business Lending Fund program offering exceptionally low interest rates to small businesses. The commercial lending team identified hundreds of prospects in their market areas that met the criteria to qualify for the exceptionally low interest rate offered in the program. They were seeking face-to-face meetings with the prospects.

The Challenge

  • The prospect data was incomplete
  • Outreach had been limited to a single marketing piece
  • Middle market managers lacked time and resources to do their own personal outreach to pre-qualifiy and engage prospects

MarketCall Group Solution

  • Worked with their Sales/Marketing Managers to develop a message that aligned with their existing sales message
  • Worked within their existing CRM/Internal Database to cleanse their data
  • Captured critical information in regards to their current banking that provides insight into future needs, buying habits and helps future marketing efforts be more productive
  • Developed a communication process that worked for the internal sales staff to enable them to act in a timely manner when opportunities are discovered
  • Delivered the promotion details verbally and also sent the details electronically through email/fax to make a stronger impact 


Upon completion of the project, the company had face-to-face meetings with 13% of the prospects on the list and were able to build relationships, convert several into solid customers and find candidates for the small business lending fund program.


“I was thrilled to receive direct outreach to actually understand what the offer was about. I receive so many pieces through different marketing channels that it is difficult to understand what is right for me.”
Sales Manager