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Specialty Insurance Group

The Challenge

A specialty insurance company serving “niche” or underserved markets includes a design professionals group offering comprehensive professional liability coverage to architects, engineers, surveyors and construction technical consultants.

The company hosted a continuing education seminar in the Colorado area with a target list of approximately 3,000. Five hundred of those records were incomplete making it uncertain that a direct mail piece regarding the event was received by the target companies. The company lacked the internal resources to organize and administer an effective call campaign prior to the event to encourage attendance and complete important customer profile information for future marketing.

MarketCall Group Solution

MCG organized a blitz campaign to make direct contact with approximately 500 companies following the direct mail piece. MCG administered the calls in approximately 5 days.


  • Identified the decision maker of each target company and verified other key data giving the company the ability to market more efficiently in the future.
  • Provided key information to each company in regards to registering for the seminar and getting additional information to them regarding the Design Professionals and their service offerings.
  • Gathered customer feedback for our client about the seminar and their insurance needs when direct contact was made with the target company